Portia, the life coach

One of the many reasons why I love Portia is because she's a huge motivator. Every morning, we get the kids dressed and ready for the day. Palmer talks about going to school and Portia talks about going to the gym. She throws a fit when we can't go but has been very patient with me the last few weeks. I think this pregnancy has finally caught up with me and I'm exhausted. Or it could be pregnancy combined with the chaos of graduating, moving, selling/buying a home, etc.

Yesterday, I asked Portia if she wanted to go to the gym, she said, "YES! It's been too long and I need the gym today." Me, too, kid. Unfortunately, I think I worked a little too hard, combined with sitting on a hard chair at my sewing machine (Thank you, quiet book pages) for 2 hours yesterday, my sciatic nerve is shot this morning. I told Portia my back was hurting this morning so we couldn't go to the gym. Her response: "That's okay, Mom. Do you want me to rub your back? Then maybe we'll go to the gym tomorrow and stay for a loooong time. But today we can just play games. " She's such a sweetheart, when she wants to be.


Chantalle Bishop said...

You are making a quiet book!?!?!? And two baby quilts?? No wonder your back hurts. I got headaches last year cause I would sit there forever, pregnant, and then not eat cause I was so concentrated! Good for you going to the gym :) When we were with John's parents, his dad would go running everyday and the second he came in the house Zach would say 'PULL UPS!' cause there was a bar in the garage and Zach got to do pull-ups with him. Tough trainer! :)

Cami said...

That is so cute! hmmm, a girl could be fun!
My last gym day was Saturday. Monday is the scheduled baby day. I would keep working out, but this baby has dropped so low that I am in constant "bruised" pain and I pay for it every time I work out lately. So, sadly, I am done for a little while.
Tell everyone hi for me. I will miss you all.
What are your baby names, by the way?

Fowler family said...

What a cutie! Love that she offered to rub your back. Jimmy's latest little "offering" is he carries my purse for me :)

I feel utterly exhausted too. Must be that time of our pregnancies.

alexis said...

Sciatica...wow you just made me so happy that I'm not pregnant. I sure am happy for you, though! :) Let me know if you need help with anything as you guys are getting ready to move.