To-Do List

1. Register at the hospital and give them our birth plan (yes, this is our third child and yes, we finally created a birth plan).
2. Pick a real estate agent (normally I stay far away from them but Walmart's paying, so why not?)
3. Finish de-cluttering the house.
4. Clean my house
5. Fold the five loads of clean laundry hanging out in the basket.
6. Do something for my cabin fever children.
7. Go to bed before 11pm this whole week (it's more a goal but I WILL make it happen).
8. Finish the baby quilts (yes, that's plural...it's the only bad thing about being surprised, I have to prepare for both).
9. Clean my house.
10. Clean my house.

Nothing big, just my life. However, I will post the video of our daredevil children sledding in Park City. Believe it or not, Palmer was the daredevil and Portia chickened out. Watch for it!

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