A Jealous Moment

So my two sister-in-laws, Katy and Elli, were due respectively in February and March. We just went to the hospital to meet Mr. Caleb John Hugh, the newest cousin. So, we now have a one-month adorable little niece, Kya, and little Caleb. I'm the only one left to have our 2010 baby.  I'm jealous of my SILs  for lots of reasons (like the fact that they're not pregnant anymore), but the biggest reason is that I just want to KNOW!! Okay, I haven't had a hard time with the surprise factor until seeing these little ones. Oh, well. Only a few more weeks (5 at the most) and then this little peanut will be worth the wait.


Jessica said...

Sigh...I'm so ready for my baby to come out - I am sure you are too. The next month is going to go so slow for both of us!

Nick and Lexie said...

I don't know how you've lasted even this long. You're a much more patient woman than I. But everyone is excited to find out what "it" is. I still think a girl! Let's do a pool, that way we can get some money out of this whole charade.

Fowler family said...

You are amazing for waiting to find out. It will all be worth it though- my SIL's all waited and they said it made the birth all the more special to be told the gender at the same time. Someday maybe I'll be brave (and patient) enough to try it :)