I just wanted to update you all on the results of the Wake Forest Competition. Our BYU team didn't win the grand prize, but they did win the Fan Favorite vote, which got them each a Flip video camera. Ronell said it was a great experience and he thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the MBA students from some of the top universities in the world. I'm glad he and the team had a good experience. It looked like they had a blast, even if it didn't bring home the cash. I'm proud of their team and the positive way they represented BYU.


Chantalle Bishop said...

Well good job Ronell! Flip video cameras are Awesome. See you in 3 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Elder Hugh, this is me Elder da Silva from Brazil, your former companion, It was exciting to see you have a beautiful family, would you like to keep in touch?? I'm gonna visit the US next November, maybe I can talk to you once again, good to see you're doing great, but I never expected anything less, you are a strong man in the faith, one of the greatest I've ever encountered. God speed my brother, my email is: mariodezert@hotmail.com