BYU needs your vote!

This weekend Ronell and five friends from the BYU MBA program are competing in a Marketing Competition in Wake Forest, NC. First prize is $50,000! As part of the competition, voters can cast their vote for their favorite team. So, here's your chance to support BYU and Ronell all in one swift click of the mouse. Please vote by Saturday (that's tomorrow). Here's the link: http://www.marketingsummitlive.com/photos2/. Take two seconds and vote for the BYU team. Their competition is Ohio State, Notre Dame, London Business School, Wake Forest, IESE Business School (from Spain), UNC and Dartmouth. It's pretty stiff competition but I know BYU will do great.

You can also follow all the action here: http://www.marketingsummitlive.com/ . Ronell just got interviewed...and he was the only one not holding a giant Starbucks coffee at 1:00am!! Click on the "36" posts in the right column to see Ronell and his team. Go BYU!!!!!!!!


Chantalle Bishop said...

I like Ronell's game face :) I voted!

Nick and Lexie said...

I attempted to vote a few times, but no such luck. I only voted once :( So far they're in 2nd place. Woohoo! I'm expecting you to use this money to fly me out to Utah!