Thanks Update

So, I've been keeping track in my journal of some of the things that I'm grateful for. But it is a little difficult to come up with some "new" ideas. Most of my gratitude is for my family or something related to my family, so I've had to start thinking hard about what I'm truly grateful for.

Nov. 12: I spent the day stressing about a presentation on mealtime with kids I had to teach as part of our quarterly Relief Society meeting (formerly known as "Enrichment"). I actually learned some new ideas for getting my kids to try new things. I think what I'm most grateful for is that Ronell and I have never had to struggle to put good food before our kids. Even if they choose not to each much, I know that at least Ronell and I can provide for them.

Nov. 13: I'm grateful today for days off. Fridays are the only weekdays that Palmer doesn't go to preschool and it's nice not to rush to get him out the door. Because I know that next year, we won't get any weekdays off when he starts kindergarten (yikes, I"ll have a kindergartener!), I'm set on enjoying them now. We don't get dressed right when wake up and I usually get most of my projects done. It's a good day.

Nov. 14: Today I'm grateful for two things totally unrelated, quilting and my in-laws. I'm doing a monthly quilt class that results in a gorgeous pieced and appliqued quilt. I love learning new techniques and I find myself getting quickly obsessed and feel the need to try out my new skills on every new project. I'm grateful for my mother and father-in-law because they called and asked if they could take the kids for the afternoon and then kept them from 2-7pm. It was so nice of them. Ronell and I went to dinner, packed up summer clothes (it's finally getting cold enough to actually wear long sleeves), and enjoyed watching some football without worrying what the kids were doing. It was a great treat.

Nov. 15: I'm grateful for inspired speakers today. We had Stake Conference and our Area Authority, Elder Daniel Jones spoke to us. I loved so much of what he said. He gave us 20 ways to save our families in the last days. I won't list them all here because then this post would be insanely too long. But some of my favorites (other than the standard ones we all think of) were 1. Be Consistent (echoing Elder. Bednar from conference), 2. Have companionship inventory (we've gotten out of the habit since b-school), 3. Arrive 15 minutes early to church and sit towards the front, 4. Encourage children to get as much education as possible, as well as seeking continuous learning opportunities, 5. Teach your children to save for their own missions and college education.

Nov. 16: Today I'm grateful for my kids' excitement. As part of MBA Spouses Association, we took the kids bowling for FHE. Palmer was is heaven. He was so excited, even if he only knocked down one pin. Portia had a blast, mostly because her friends were there. She only came to our alley when it was her turn to bowl, then she'd shove the ball down the alley and walk back to her friends, without even seeing where the ball went.

Nov. 17: I'm grateful today for time I have with my kids. We built a fort today after naps and watched a movie. It was fun to see how excited the kids were to hang out with me. I know that will quickly fade, so I love that I'm one of their favorite people right now and I'll take every kiss and snuggle I can get.

Nov. 18: I love eating good food at good places. We went to dinner with some of the recruiters from Walmart at Chef's Table in Orem. I'd never been there and felt a little under-refined (if that's a word). It was good to learn more about the good people and the environment of Walmart's home office. I'm grateful not only that we have an offer in this economy, but that it's with a company filled with people who seem to genuinely want to help my husband and I and our family have the best possible experience.

Nov. 19: Okay, crazy day. I went the NAC (National Advisory Council) dinner and met a bunch of business execs who support the Marriott School. Then I went to a friend's house and munched and chatted until midnight. Then I went and saw "New Moon" with 100 MBA Spouses, students, and friends. It was a blast. I'm so grateful that I've been put in a place where I can develop friendships with people I probably never would have met, had we not been in b-school. I love learning more about them, especially in the setting of such cheesiness as a Twilight movie.

Nov. 20: Today I'm grateful for Merrilee Web. She spoke at a NAC spouses' luncheon and touched my heart. She talked about expecting miracles and embracing them, even when they don't look the way we envisioned them. How grateful I am for the many miracles I experience daily. I didn't really want to go to the luncheon (Major sleep hangover from staying up until 3:30am will do that), but I know I needed to hear what Sis. Web had to teach me.

Nov. 21: Today I'm grateful for modern medicine (okay really just the drugs, ha!). Ronell came home from basketball this morning holding his shoulder and saying he couldn't move it. So, off the BYU Health center urgent care we went. After x-rays, chasing kids down the halls, two juice boxes and suckers later, we had the answer. Ronell partially dislocated his shoulder. So with pain pills and splint at hand, we headed home to spend the day relaxing at home. Okay, really Ronell relaxed, I made 100 rolls and tried to contain the kids. But I'm grateful that I got to take care of Ronell. Sometimes he's a little too independent and it's always good to remind him that he needs me. :-)

Nov. 22: Today we had our Hugh/Watson family Thanksgiving at Katy and Jason's home. It was so nice to sit and enjoy the company of family. I'm grateful for the spirit of the holiday season and how everyone seems to happier, more generous, and kinder than at any other time of year. Maybe it's because we're too cold to care about the non-essentials, but I appreciate the opportunity to get together with family and just enjoy each other's company.

If you made it through the novel, you're very patient. Here's your reward! :-) Our friend Chloe, took our Christmas pictures and I loved this one. Enjoy!


Claire said...

Thank you for sharing your thanks!!! And I LOVE the picture!!

Gina said...

What a sweet post. You're right, I need to be thankful for all of the squeezes and kisses my kids want to give me--cuz that will change before I know it!

Miss you!