Busy Day

I don't have time right now to post my thanks for the week, but I have been thinking of them. Yesterday was a busy day (today is, too, but I had zero time yesterday to post). Ronell came home from basketball at 7:15 saying he fell on his shoulder and it was really hurting. So we spent the morning at the Urgent Care center at the BYU health center. Diagnosis: Dislocated shoulder. Luckily, it wasn't completely dislocated and Ronell had already popped in back in the right place. So they gave him a splint and some pain pills and sent him home. He's pretty much out of commission for 4-6 weeks. The rest of the day I spent making lots of rolls of the Hugh family Thanksgiving today and trying to keep the kids off Ronell. To top it off, both my kids have coughs, which don't sound bad but are just very annoying. Fun day!

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