New Moon

So, despite the fact that I'm seriously sleep deprived, I really did have a blast last night. A bunch of friends from the spouse association rented a theater for the opening night of "New Moon" (Thanks, Mandi, for doing all the work). We spent the evening chatting it up at a friends house and headed to the theater for our 12:43am showing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.......probably because New Moon was the one book I like from the Twilight series for two reasons: Jacob Black and they went to Volterra, a little town in Tuscany that I visited on several occasions. This movie was much better than the first. I had to fight the urge to laugh at the cheesiness of the first movie, but this one was pretty well-done. It was entertaining, mostly because it featured lots and lots of Taylor Lautner, which is always a good recipe for an entertaining movie. :-) I'm glad my friends coerced me into going. It was definitely worth the two-day sleep hangover. And because he's a little cutie......enjoy.

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Sierra said...

I'm glad we have the same taste in men.
How amazing was he? And I mean his face and body, clearly.