Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish you all wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving. We spent the day up in Daybreak (S. Jordan) with Lexie's in-law's, the Cottles. It was quite a crew and our kids were wiped by the end of the day. But they had a blast, the food was great, and the company was fantastic. I'll grab some pics from Lexie and post them soon. For now, I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have so many blessings this year at Thanksgiving. Here are my top ten things to be grateful for right now:

1. My family
2. The Gospel
3. Our home. It may be in Provo, but it's all our's and it still always feels good to come home to our lives.
4. Beautiful weather. Other than a little wind, today was another gorgeous day. I don't mind all the leaves falling, if it means beautiful weather that my kids can still play outside in.
5. Choices. This sounds funny but I'm grateful that we have so many options in our lives right now. Our future is wide open. At this time next year, we could be in Seattle, Orem, or Bentonville and I'm excited about the many possibilities.
6. Computers/ Technology. There's so much I can do with a click of a mouse that 10 years would have been unthinkable. I love how the gospel moves ever forward with the help of technology.
7. Babies. I loved seeing my niece, Brizzy, and her cousins, Libby and Kloey, who are 2 months younger than her. They are so curious and in awe of everything around them. I want to be more like that.
8. God books. No matter how busy I am, a good book always calms me down and allows me a brief escape from the mundane-ness of my life. One of goals in life is to have enough space in our home to have a library. It might start as a shelf or two but I'd love to create a reading nook, complete with comfy chair and good lighting. (I might have to steal the comfiest chair from my mom, along with the her knitted blankets, but it will happen!).
9. Second trimester. Silly, but soooooo true. I honestly feel better during 2nd trimester of my pregnancies, that the not-so-pleasant part (you know, the 1st & 3rd trimester, birth, recovery, newborn craziness, sleepless nights, etc.) seem worth it. Oh, and the cute little caramel baby that is the end result is worth it, too.
10. Love. As the Beatles so aptly said, "All you need is love." Cheesy and very Oregonian of me, but I'm grateful to know that there are people in this world who love and care about my welfare. It makes my life so much better. Of course, nothing trumps knowing that my Father in Heaven knows my every thought and intention and still loves me.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have many reasons to give thanks today.

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