Truly a Scary Time of Year

This time of year always scares me, but no year has scared me more than this year. First, there's Halloween, which is my least favorite holiday. I HATE being scared and trying to find costumes for my kids has become not so fun. Then, four days later is election day. I think I'll take Halloween, thank you very much, over this very scary election. But, oh well. On a positive note, this will be a historic presidency. I hope that means simply because Mr. Obama is the first black president and not because his presidency will be etched in history as fatally flawed. Keep praying. At least we all know who's really in charge (if you don't know, the prayer thing might help).

Thus endeth my random rant.


Kelli said...

I hear ya. We have to at least find the good in it and I guess give him a chance. Although he scares me A LOT too.

Oliver said...

To me it is scary when people start listening to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving. I heard a Christmas song on the radio today!! Can't people just wait!?