Happy Halloween!

So this Halloween was fun because both the kids understood what was going on and were excited to get dressed up. Portia loved saying "Pumpkins!!" any chance she had. They both loved to practice saying "trick or treat" and had lots of fun putting on "paint" (their costume make up). Here are the highlights.

Portia was an 1980's exercise queen (think Olivia Newton John and Richard Simmons combined). She loved getting her make up on (Props to Sara Matthews for finding this sweet outfit).

Palmer was a clown, big shoes and all. He kept tripping over his shoes and taking off his wig at both the parties we went to before Halloween. But for showtime, he was pumped to put on his costume! He also loved getting his makeup on, though he quickly wiped it off.

Palmer and Portia saying, "Pumpkins!!!!" (with Isaac wondering why everyone looks so weird)

In action. Palmer just wanted a lollipop from everyone and was satisfied once he got one. He could care less about collecting as much as possible. Portia, on the other hand, wholeheartedly embraced the idea of grab-n-go. She'd yell "trick or treat!" and, instead of waiting for them to put a candy in her bag, would grab a handful, shove it in her bag and yell "Happy Halloween!!" while walking away. Sometimes we got a thank-you in there, too. (Thanks Ben for the candy, just in case my kids forgot to say it, I thought I would say it because I'm the one eating the candy!).


Ben said...

If you need more candy, I've got loads!

Courtney Vance said...

We've got plenty more too!

Nick and Lexie said...

They are so cute! I love Palmer's costume.
I still think though that you should have gone with Portia as an old lady jogger. You could have spray painted her hair gray and given her little weights to carry around. The sweatsuit I wore when I was an old lady jogger was pretty much identical to hers.

Kelli said...

OK, Portia's costume cracks me up! That is so funny! She looks so cute and so Olivia Newton John! haha.
They both look fabulous.

Hugh Family said...

thanks for letting us tag along with you guys!! And Bri, yummy carmel apples too! You are so good at making memories memorable with your detailed motherly touch!