but not in a good way. A friend from the MBA program shared this article and I thought it perfectly expressed my opinion regarding the string of hate crimes against members of the LDS church. I'm not really surprised that we're being targeted. It's too convenient for people who claim to be open-minded. It's yet another witness to me that now is the time to solidify our testimonies, our homes, and our families because the prophecies are being fulfilled. Thankfully, no matter how much we are persecuted, the church will NEVER be taken from the earth. Now is the time to stand strong and "stand as a witness" (Mosiah 18:9) for the truth.


Here's what the church has to say about the actions take following the passing of Prop 8 (sounds like it died, which it should have).


Sarah said...

Hey Bri - You have got to read this article. It was given by Neal A. Maxwell 30 years ago, but when you read it I swear he could have written it yesterday. Truely inspired!


-Sarah Kimmel (otherwise known as Sarah Werle)

Nick and Lexie said...

Enough political crap. Post pictures of your kids!