So, Thanksgiving is over and I'm grateful :-). I spent two days cooking rolls, pies, turkey, sweet potatoes, and getting my house ready for family to come over and have fun. It was lots of fun to get together with all the Hugh/Watson crew. Everyone but Donna and Charles was there. It was so much fun (and work), in fact, that I didn't get any pictures. But here's some funny pictures of the kids from last week.

Who knew bringing the kids' table out of the bedroom would create such a fun toy?They honestly sat perfectly still and watched an entire "Word World" episode without moving. I have no idea what Palmer's thinking but he looks pretty happy. Portia, as usual, is making sure she's not missing anything from Palmer. This isn't great of her face, but look how long her hair is getting. This was one of our many non-hairdo days. We have lots of those.

For some reason, whenever I tell Portia I want to take her picture, she stands by the front door. She is definitely unusual, but at least she's not a shy child.

I was organizing the kids' rooms one day and found the finger paints. Oh, yeah, I was trying to be a fun mom once and bought some washable finger paints. Since it was raining and the kids were a little crazy (mommy, too!) we pulled out the paints. This is typical Palmer, one finger at a time. I think he was trying to write his name. What a cute little nerd (it's not name-calling when it's a fact)!

Then there's Portia. Her expression, as usual, says it all. I think the paint was originally red, blue, green, and yellow. Somehow by the time it got on the papers and her arms, face, and clothes, it was brown. She even tried to lick the paint brush. This is why I never leave Portia alone for more than two minutes.


Ashlee said...

Bri- They are so cute. And growing up so fast! I love that I get to peek into your lives this way. Too bad we can't make finger paint messes together.

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Love Portia's hair! Funny...Natali does the same thing with pictures (straight to the door) and I always have to redirect her.

John and Chantalle Bishop said...

SO cute! I think these pictures just sum those kids up! Love it. We need to actually get together sometime...!

Hugh Family said...

so funny how two kids who come from the same parents have to totally different personalities. You r so creative too, by the way with the finger paints.