Some August Moments

Here are some of my favorite moments of August with the kids. I love that I get to play with such funny and entertaining kids all day.

Popsicles with Palmer and Portia. I love how Portia's watching to see how Palmer eats his popsicle. Either that, or she's trying to find the perfect moment to steal his popsicle.

Portia, probably thinking about how she can escape from the steps and get to either the park or the parking lot, her two favorite locations.

He has to be the cutest little boy ever. Don't say it, he should be in modeling (I may be biased)I'm accepting applications for sponsors right now. Pass the word around. Anyone with a spare $5,000 for photos and flights is welcome!

Both Palmer and Portia love playing in the dirt, mud, and rocks. Don't ask me what they're doing because all they seem to do is move the rocks and dirt around. Maybe someday it will turn into something constructive, but right now the main goal seems to be getting as dirty as possible.

Ronell built this "clubhouse" out of the box that our new printer came in. The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. These are my kind of presents, free with the help of a few magic markers. It lasted only a few days before the new game was to see who could destroy it the quickest. But it was fun while it lasted. I love Portia's cheesy grin. She's pretty dang cute, too, just ask her.


The Paw's said...

Your kids are adorable, and I am not biased :)
When Ronell has a free moment lets get together again, because I'm sure that is how you want to spend your limited time with him right?
But seriously, if there is a time you guys are free it would be fun to get together at a park with the kids before it gets cold.

Hugh Family said...

Poritas piggies make me want to pull them!! Like Bonnie says, "they just don't make them any cuter"!

Palmer looks like such a big boy in his picture! I can't beleive how time flies!

Sarah said...

Bri - I'm not sure if you remember me, but we were really good friends for a summer in Oregon! My maiden name is Sarah Werle. Anyway, if you remember me email me back at sarah@kimmelhome.net I'm in Utah too, and we'll have to hook up!

Alexis said...

i love the clubhouse! gotta get ronell over here to make one for us! the popsicle pictures are too cute.

Spence & Rach said...

SOOO CUTE! You have the most beautiful kids! I'm glad you guys are doing so well! Nice that you got to stay there. We were home-sick when we were there! We like it here, but it still doesn't feel like home yet!

Hugh Family said...

I love your blog!!!