Congratulations Jason and Katy!

So, I stole this photo from my SIL, Elli, because Ronell has his camera with him in Moab and because I have to show off Elli's photographic talents to everyone. Jason and Katy got married last Saturday and I'm so excited to have another girl in the family. It was a beautiful ceremony and lots of fun. I can't wait to get to know Katy and have more fun with the new family.

Palmer was the ring bearer and thought the pillow was for sitting on or throwing. It was a little mortifying. Thanks, Katy, for not caring that my kid desecrated your rings. Here are my kids having a little too much fun at the candy table.

We actually managed to get a family picture before the chaos began. This was before my kids found the mud and grass outside. Note Palmer's high priest (aka, too short for his big belly) tie.


Stacy Ainge said...

What a darling family!! Who says that I am totally biased. We need a grandkid fix soon.
Love, Mom
*All of you look so pretty/handsome. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Jana said...

hey bri. your hair looks reall good. hot, hot, hot!

Abby said...

beautiful family!!!