This month has flown by! Ronell started school on the 2nd and ever since, our home has been a whirlwind of reading, playing, potty training (still working on it), and more playing. While Ronell went back to Washington, DC for a recruiting conference, I took to the kids to visit my parents and Lexie & Nick in Oregon.

Playing in Papa and Nona's backyard. Simba the kitten in roaming in this jungle, too..somewhere.

In Eugene, we went to Crosby and Tyus' soccer games. Portia actually sat down with McKenna and Madisen. Can't you tell she's soo interested in the game!

Walking with Nona to find the Rose Garden. We went to a playground right next to the Rose Garden (Palmer said it was "beautiful") and then took the kids up to the roses. We had to do a little trailblazing (haha!) to find the garden but once we were there, the kids loved the flowers.
Palmer liked to stick his whole face into the rose to smell it. Luckily, there were plenty of roses that covered his entire face.
Portia, laughing at Papa while he sang songs to keep the kids entertained. She's cute but...okay, she's cute and funny and not at all like a teenager! (I'm an optimist).
We also went to the beach (it was freezing) but the pictures are on my parents' camera. We went down to Salem and saw Nick and Lexie's adorable house. It was a nice break from Utah and especially nice to see family. Thanks, Dad, for being desperate to see the grandkids.

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