Portia, Transformed

First, there's this child.

Then she sat here.

And became this girl.

I can't believe how long her hair is (or how long it took to straighten it...30 minutes)!

Here it is from the back. It kinda looks like a wig!

By the way, Portia had her 18 month checkup on the 12th. She's 25.4 lbs (60%) and 32 in. tall (85%). She's still my long and lean girl. But somehow her pants are always skin tight. I guess you can be skinny and still have a ghetto booty!


Nick and Lexie said...

I can't believe you actually straightened it. It is SO long. It looks like a wig.

winter said...

Totally looks like a wig. Wow! I can't believe you took the time. My boys would never let me do anything to them for that long. :) So funny.

John and Chantalle Bishop said...

It makes her look SO OLD! She looks so big! Work that Ghetto booty Portia.

Amy said...

That is funny. We miss yall. (you like that?)