There's Hope.

Today, Portia had her 9-month check-up. Here's her latest stats:

Head: 65% Weight: 19.4 lbs.( 55%) Height: 29.5 in. (95%)

Looks like she just might be long and lean like her daddy. Thank goodness. Her latest achievement is that she's tried signing "more" recently. Instead of screaming for more cheerios, she claps her hands together and says, "Mo!" She is also into everything, crawling everywhere and trying to climb up onto everything, including Palmer.


Ryan said...

Cute family you guys! Hope you are doing well and may you be blessed enough to move to Portland some day. :-)

Ben, Rebecca & Natali said...

Super cute pictures. Your stats make me laugh! Isaac is already 18lbs. He is almost 4 months and Portia is 9. He is my little chunk. Yeah for California winters! Someday...maybe!

Jennifer M said...

Hi there! Just received your Christmas card and am so happy to see your sweet family. Your little Portia is adorable, and I can't believe how old Palmer looks--time flies!

Take Care

Heidi Ainge said...

Hi Bri! This is Heidi and Tanner we just found your blog and can't believe Portia is 9 months old. She is adorable. Tanner and I some how wound up here in Draper a few days ago... so we will have to get together soon and catch up!

The Lindsays said...

We just got your Christmas card, what a good looking family...thanks for the update. It sounds like Portia may be speaking more than Ethan, right now he only really says, "Ball"! He's a true boy?! Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon at our little "reunion"!