Baby Isaac is Here!

I just wanted to show off my little nephew. Dewayne and Elli (Ronell's brother and his wife) had their first child last night. His name is Isaac Benjamin Hugh. He was 8 lbs. 5 0z. and 21 in. long. He was born last night (Dec. 4) at 7:18pm. Isaac looks like his daddy. He has the biggest feet I've ever seen and he's very calm and sleepy. We hope that lasts! We're so excited to have a cousin, instead of just playing with Mommy's cousins (who are very fun, too!). Elli almost had to have a C-section but Isaac turned around and came out handsome and huge! Elli is tired but doing well. We are so happy that everyone is happy and healthy.


Jaywat2005 said...

Isaac is one of three of the cutest babies i have ever seen.

Jessica Wilde said...

Hey! We just found your blog! We also have a blog at jessandelwilde.blogspot.com. Check it out! See you Sunday!