Yep, He's a Boy

During our vacation to LA, Palmer spent about four hours in the house (I think that included sleeping). He spent most of his time throwing rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt, and anything else he could find in the creek outside the Michels' home. Thank goodness for washing machines and hand soap. He's already having a hard time adjusting to not being out in the gorgeous California weather and we've only been home 24 hours.


Lindsays said...

Briawna...I'm so glad you shared your blog with us. It's sad to believe we only live a few towns away and yet it's still so hard to keep in touch. Portia is so adorable and I can't believe how big Palmer is...what a beautiful family! Alicia Lindsay ;-)

Jim Hutchings said...

It's a good thing you guys were in LA..because If I found out that you were further north and you didn't come say Hi, there would be some greif given!