Back to school, back to school

I'm not sure why, but my blog titles seem to bring to mind Adam Sandler movies. Anyway.....

Because we're now on day 3 of school, the craziness has died down and I have a few moments to think about having two children in school.

First, Palmer was beyond excited because they moved 2nd grade to the "big kid" hallway (formerly only for 3rd & 4th grade). When he saw that, he was definitely ready to go back.

Portia has been ready for kindergarten basically since birth. But this summer, Portia asked at least three times a week when she would start kindergarten. She was ready when we got the school supply list in the mail. She was ready at the Meet & Greet last week when she met her teacher and saw her classroom. She was ready when she received her Father's blessing Sunday night (which was the "real thing" now, because she's in "real school" now). She was ready when Ronell and I walked her to class. She was even ready to do it alone on the 2nd day yesterday-she wanted Palmer to "come check on her and make sure she got to class okay", but she didn't need Ronell or I to go with her.

Teya has vacillated between hoarding all the toys and picking whatever show she wants. She is a little upset every day when she wakes up from nap time to find just mom there. But we've stayed busy and had some fun playdates, so all is well in teya's world.

The real question: did I cry when Portia went to kindergarten? Not. A. Tear. Lest you think I'm a de-sensitized, uncaring mom, I must say that the first was crazy busy and I barely had time to think, much less cry. But I also know that Portia is ready for this step. She may not be reading before kindergarten or doing math in her head, like Palmer was, but she is socially, physically, emotionally, and academically ready for this step. Even when the principal stopped me later in the hall to tell me someone pinched Portia and made her bleed (her mother hen tendencies were not appreciated by a classmate), I wasn't worried about her. I am excited for this step because I know that she needs to be there. I miss her kind heart and her contagious laugh and her crazy comments, but it would selfish of me to expect to keep her home. Plus, with PTO duties (somehow I got suckered into being the PTO president), I'm sure I'll see Portia enough during the day to satisfy all my curiosity.

I'm so excited for this school year. I'm ready to get back into the routine of exercise (a little less excited about my cleaning duties), having a little time to do things, and the atmosphere of school. It's going to be a good year.!


Sierra said...

So exciting!!!
I kept thinking of them as I watched my kids today. I wish I could see there adventures and maybe be their teachers in 4th grade ;)

thepalmierifamily said...

School starts Sep. 17th in Italy. Kind of weird for me. :) Is it nice to have breathing room? I personally can't wait, but I might shed a tear or two this year.

Courtney said...

awww, cute pictures!!! Way to go at being the PTO president!!!

thepalmierifamily said...

Briawna, I emailed you a little about the dresden quilt, but I'm not sure if I still have your current email. So if you didn't get the email leave me another post on my blog and I'll figure it out. It's actually a really easy quilt that I think you could whip out in no time depending on how fancy you want the quilt top. Julie