It's been a little crazy

So, I realize that so much has happened since I last wrote on the blog. So, as a quick recap, here's what's happened to the Hugh family since August.

1. Ronell accepted a new job with microsoft's Xbox team. He flew out in mid-October and we stayed in AR to get the house ready to sell.

2. The kids and I moved to Seattle in November and set up camp in corporate housing for three months.

3. We spent Christmas playing catch up on all our missed family visits. We drove to Portland for Christmas (in our much-anticipated new minivan!!) and Utah for the week after. We drove back to Portland, dropped the kids off at my parents and flew to AR to pack up our home and close on it.

4. After lots of deliberation, we decided to rent for the next year or two while we figure out exactly where we want to buy here in WA (can you say serious sticker shock ?!). So, this next week, we'll be moving a little north to Bothell and setting up camp there through July 2014. Yes, this means switching wards and schools...again. Luckily, the kids have Been troopers and are excited about all our "adventures".

5. We've spent this crazy holiday season exploring all the amazing sites in our new state. It actually doesn't rain as much as we thought it would, but it's definitely colder than AR. We've been to children's museum, museum of flight, and a college basketball game (can't wait to see an NBA game sometime soon!!!!). We're excited to keep exploring and can't wait to ride the ferries (grey's anatomy, anyone?), explore the beach, go to the mountains, and check out the islands! We're loving living near a big city and all the fun that comes with it.

6. Ronell and celebrated our 10th anniversary! it's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't change anything. Our plan was to celebrate by treating ourselves to a mediterranean cruise but that will have to be next year (see #7)!

7. Our biggest adventure this year is getting ready for baby #4! He'll be joining the craziness in mid-May and we're so excited that he's healthy and strong. We can't wait to meet him and welcome him to the fray!!


Fowler family said...

Oh Briawna, I'm so excited for you and your little boy due this May! You have had such an eventful last few months. Hopefully after baby gets here, you can take a breather. We miss you guys! Sure wish we would have gotten together more while you were so close. You are so lucky though to be in the NW. I keep on poking James to find something closer to home. Miss my family. If you are ever down in the Corvallis area, go visit my folks! They have a really fun, kid friendly farm/yard. And congrats on the beautiful swagger wagon! :)

Fowler family said...

PS- my sister lives in Shoreline. Is that close?

Megan said...

So, I need to show you the best place to get a picture of your kids in front of the Space Needle. And, in my opinion, the best way to do the ferries is to ride over to the Bainbridge Island Children's Museum on one of their free days. There is also an amazing little bakery on the waterfront street that my kids like to stop at. Hope to meet up again soon - or, maybe when I get the hang of having a third child!

Kricket said...

What a full couple of months. It is good to know that you are in the Northwest. We should get together sometime when you are down in Vancouver/Portland area. We live in Vancouver now. The NW is SO awesome. I know my kids would love you see yours again. We have baby 5 coming in May as well. Love to see you.

thepalmierifamily said...

Oh my goodness you've had a lot of change in your life! And more of a change with #4 on the way. You brave souls. I wouldn't expect anything less. If we ever make a trip from Italy, can we come see you? That being said, if you do take that Mediterranean cruise, I hope that you stop in Italy and I've love to meet up and say hi! Is it nice being a little closer to family? Lots of love to you guys! -Julie