Out of the Mouths of Babes (OMB)

Palmer threw up at school today and had to come home. He was sad. I was sad, mostly because I couldn't run errands. However, after a shower, clean clothes, and a nap, he was just fine.

Palmer: Mom, do you know why I threw up today?
Mom: Probably because you weren't feeling well and had to get it out of you.
Palmer: Nope, I threw up because I was sick of work stations and wanted to read.

Portia: (while combing her hair after her shower) Mom, I gotta get all the nuts out of my hair (as opposed to knots).
Mom: Really? Why?
Portia: because otherwise I'll have squirrels who want to live in my hair.
Mom: okay. so let's comb your hair.
Portia: one of my friends at school said her hair gets a rats nest in it. I think i want squirrels instead of rats. They're cute.
Mom: how about we just keep your hair nice and clean and then no animals will live there?
Portia: okay. But maybe if it's clean, i could be a princess and wear make up.


Fowler family said...

oh my goodness, Portia's comment about the rat's/squirrels nests is so, so funny! How cute.

And Palmers a smart little cookie. He totally got out of work stations.

JEM said...

I think I'd want squirrels too.

KimberlyGanir said...


thepalmierifamily said...

I loved the hair comments! I hope you have a family journal to go back and read those.