I LOVE Glee!!

I so missed Glee and major withdrawals over the summer. It did not disappoint. I loved these:

I actually enjoyed the Britney episode this last week, too, but somehow I didn't think the "Slave for U" video was quite appropriate for my family blog. Who knew Brittany S. Pearce could dance and sing like that? :-0 Just you tube it.

P.S. Anyone know how to resize the video to fit in the post section. This bugs me.


Anne said...

glee has definitely not disappointed! love it.

Hugh Family said...

I've become compeltely obsessed with Glee. Every song on my playlist blog is from glee, yikes!! K, seriously miss you guys!! Isaac frequently asks about palmer and portia and going on a plane to see them. It becomes more and more enticing(?)!!

Nick and Lexie said...

Ditto to your post. Love Glee.