Out of the Mouths of Babes

One of the interesting things about Portia attending preschool at the Church of Christ is the songs she comes home singing. They're all good lessons, just...interesting. Today, this was the conversation about her new song.

Dad: (after Palmer sang his song about the months of the year), Portia, did you learn any songs at school?
Portia: Yep. (getting out of her chair and with hands on hips, sways back and forth) "I don't want to be a hypocrite" (emphasis on the "hip") over and over.
Mom: Portia, are you a hypocrite?
P: No.
Dad: Is mommy a hypocrite?
P: No, but Daddy is.
Dad: Portia, what's a hypocrite?
P: It's an animal.

Good to know she's learning important life lessons in preschool.


Nick and Lexie said...

I can just picture her doing this! That is hilarious.

Bev Livingston said...

Love what kids say!

Kristan said...

Love it. I went to a Baptist preschool and sometimes those songs STILL pop in my head. Classic.