Five Months

I'm five months! Here are some things I'm up to these days:
* I LOVE playing with Palmer and Portia. 
*I light up when Daddy's around. He can get me to laugh faster than anyone else.
*I roll over both ways but am usually content hanging out on my back with my thumb in my mouth. 
*I like to drool...a lot. Mom thinks I should be getting teeth somewhat soon because my drool has exponentially increased in the last week. I now wear a bib most of the time and I like to chew on that, too. 
*I sit up for a few seconds and then lose it and end up folded in half. But when I'm sitting I know I'm a big girl.
*I am a very conflicting baby. I'm usually pretty easygoing, unless I have a poopy diaper or I need to eat, then I get intense. I also like to intensely study my toys...and people...and football on TV.
*I finally have chubby legs, though Mom says I'm not as chubby as the other two were. 
*I intently stare and smack my lips when others are eating and I think I might like food. But I don't love rice cereal or baby food. I think it's just too much effort to learn how to eat from a spoon and I just want to grab from whatever plate is nearby. I hate being left out at dinner time but I really don't like utensils. So I just eat my hands and hope someone gets the hint that I want food.
*I get very excited when someone puts me in my car seat because I can see Palmer and Portia get in the car and I know I'm guaranteed to have some play time with Portia. But if we're not in the car, I don't love my car seat. I mean, what's the point of a CAR seat outside the car. No one else has to stay strapped in to a seat where they can't see anything going on!
*I love being outside and staring at the trees next door. They're mesmerizing.
*I just like to relax and watch other people. I don't reward everyone with a smile, but I'm content to just be included. 
*I've recently found my voice and insist on yelling as loud as possible, preferably in a place that resonates, like the chapel or Walmart. Mom thinks I'm funny, well maybe not, but at least I think I'm funny. 
*Mom thinks I'm about 26 inches long (I prefer "tall" because I know I'm a big kid) and about 15 lbs.

Generally speaking, life is good, especially when I get to hang out in the toy room on the big kids' bean bag chairs. What more could I want?


Anne said...

such a cute, yummy little girl.

Nick and Lexie said...

She's changing so much, I can't believe it. I can't imagine her being anything but a tiny, mellow little 3 month old.

Fowler family said...

She's so cute! Sounds like her and Alice are doing so many of the same things. Does Teya eat paper yet? Alice is enamored by it.

So Ronells traveling eh? If you need a break- let me know. You can drop your kids off here and go shopping at "store 100" all on your own ;)

Emily and Kenny said...

She's getting so big. What a beautiful kids you have.

Kristen Mackrory said...

5 months?!? Really? She is growing up fast! And so cute. What a fun way to post an update on her.