Finally!!! She Smiles

While on vacation in California, Teya flirted with smiling. She cracked half-grins all the time, especially at Ronell and I. But today she finally cracked a real one. Here's the evolution (sorry for the fuzzy photo of Sierra's fingers, it was the best smile).

Trying to decide if we're worth the effort.
Humoring us with the half-grin.

Getting a little over-excited. 

And the silly grin. 

She's now decided to coo at me and try to talk to us. She hasn't smiled at anyone except Ronell, Sierra, and I. But she stares in wonder at Palmer and Portia and gets really excited when they're around (which is constantly).


Sierra said...

She smiles for me because she loves me the best :)

Nick and Lexie said...

I'm very excited about the new blog updates! Makes me excited to see you guys soon.

She looks like Palmer!!! Ah!