Sea World and San Diego Beach Adventures (you're going to want to see this one to the end, it's worth it)

On Wednesday night we drove down to San Diego and stayed with McKenna and Paul (thanks, Paul, for letting us take over). We rested and relaxed on Thursday (not really, we spent the day making decisions which house to buy, formulating our offer, waiting for the counter offer, and praying about whether to sign over our lives). But Friday, we hit Sea World and it was a success. Considering the fact that our children LOVE animals, it was safe to say they loved this day.

Saturday was spent at the beach (Coronado Beach, for you San Diego dwellers). It was so beautiful and relaxing.....

until Palmer needed to go to the bathroom.

Palmer asked to go potty after a few hours at the beach on Saturday. We told him to go in the ocean. He turned around and started walking toward the water. Halfway there, he turned around and gave us the look that said, "Are you sure?" With six adults urging him on, he headed toward the water. At the water's edge, he stopped and started pulling down his pants to pee in the ocean. At this point, everyone on the very crowded beach starts laughing. To add to Palmer's humiliation, three dogs begin circling him. He tries to run away with his pants around his ankles. It literally scared the poop out of him. Yes, our son decided to poop in the ocean. Ronell raced towards him to help and took his shorts out further in the ocean to rinse them off, while I had the pleasure of cleaning Palmer off. It's a good thing we were in CA, because they had no problem with my son running around in his birthday suit for a good five minutes. It was priceless.


Kendal said...

BAHAHAHA that is hilarious!! How have I not met this funny little guy! Let's have a family reunion.
The End


Kendal said...
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