Just a Little Frustrating

So it's been almost three weeks (tomorrow) since I had Teya. I'm pretty much completely recovered and feeling good. I'm absolutely ready to hit the gym and started going back on Monday. But then Teya decided to revolt and stay up for 3-4 hours every night. She's not crying, she's just awake.....which means I wake up feeling like Night of the Living Dead. If she would just cooperate and sleep a little more at night, I'd have enough energy to work out. So there's my frustration, I want to work out and take advantage of having Ronell home so I don't have to brave the kids' club, and Teya is frustrating my plans. Silly girl. Tomorrow, I WILL go to the gym.

In other news, I'm very proud of the fact that I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans (too bad I can't zip them up, ha!). Now if those pre-pregnancy jeans were a size I actually wanted to be, then I'd be really proud. For now, I just have be happy with be the same size I was last May, which is not a bad place to be three weeks postpartum.


Sarah said...

Same thing happened to me with Michael. I cut out ALL sweets (not sugar totally, but just candy/chocolate/cakes/cookies all the good C words) and it totally fixed it. He never cried... he was just AWAKE.

Lori and Matt said...

Sorry- that is frustrating when you're ready to go... but can't! Good luck tomorrow! I hope she cooperates! Congrats on getting back to pre-preggo size! That's awesome, but i saw how hard you worked while pregnant, that's nice to know it works!

Michael and Amy said...

grrrr....I hate it when they have there nights and days mixed. I guess the good thing is that she could be screaming and waking your other kids;) I am glad that you are feeling good. Good Luck on going to the gym and if you are already at what you were last May that weight is going to Melt off! Good Luck!!