Yes, the month is almost over and school starts for Ronell on Monday. We spent the first three weeks of August in Oregon with my family. And we've spent the last two weeks getting back into the MBA world. Rather than try to give a travel log, I'll just show you the pics. Here you go. Enjoy.
First, we went to Salem and played with my sister, Lexie, and baby Brizzy. This is at the splash fountain. Oregon doesn't have pools. They have fountains. Works for me. By the way, I've seen about 50 little girls with this swimsuit this summer and Portia's the only one with a perma-wedgie. Hhmmm, ghetto booty much?

Palmer, enjoying the fountain.
Portia loved baby Brizzy, to say the least. Every time we were around her, she'd try to pick her up, put the binky in Brizzy's mouth, or sit and say, "It's okay, Bwizzy, boo boo." For more pictures of Portia and her cousin, you can look at my sister's blog. She's better at documenting the obsession.
She's such a ham.
I think he found an ant. Shocking, they have them in Oregon, too!
One of Portia's favorite thing to do at Papa and Nona's house was help Nona water the garden. She found a cut-off piece of a hose and spent most of the day pretending to water the plants....especially after she got in trouble for throwing rocks in the fountain.

Playing tennis. Portia's game is obviously not on today.
Palmer was pretty good.

Portia gave up on tennis and starting throwing the ball between her legs. Whatever works.
At the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Crosby, my cousin, and Sierra are holding up the kids here, which might explain the odd expressions.
Portia the cow (and Crosby)
Palmer the farmer
Palmer didn't want to move. He loved watching the machines cut, bag, and seal the cheese. He asked me if he could work here. Um....I don't know.
Sierra, obviously getting more joy from her texting than the hot factory workers.
Portia, Crosby, Palmer, Sierra and Tillamook Cheese.
At least they're all looking the same direction.
At Lake Oswego's fountain. Portia needed a moment.
Palmer and Hudson, my cousin. Yes most of my cousins on my mom's side are under the age of 12, which is what happens when my mom has kids at 20 and I'm closer in age to my uncles than she is. But my cousins adore my kids and my kids think all my little cousins are the best thing ever. It works out.
The splash fountain.
At the Portland Zoo. It was $2 Tuesday, so it was slammed. But the kids had a blast.
Riding the horses at the petting zoo
Palmer was the navigator. He loved looking at the map and comparing it to the signs we saw.

Sierra and Crosby
Portia took a 10 minute nap before the zoo. Needless to say, she wasn't the happiest person there.
We went to Rockaway Beach and I think it was the first time I've ever seen people swimming in the Oregon ocean. I thought it would be too cold for swimsuits but it was so warm my kids gravitated to the water.
Portia underestimated the waves.
The swimsuits came out and the kids spent most of the day playing in the sand.

Gorgeous sunset.
The next day was more typical Oregon coast weather. But the kids were ready for the sand anyway.
Nice, Portia.
Papa and Nona
Papa with the grandkids.
The last few days we spent at my grandparents' cabin at Crescent Lake (central Oregon). This was our view.
Palmer and Portia never wanted to leave the boat. They loved riding the tube but for some reason, I don't have any pictures of them on it. Portia kept asking to go faster. My uncle James taught Palmer to say, "hit it!" when he was ready. He said it every time he got in the boat.
Lexie on the Delta Double.
Ronell showing the kids how it's done.
The water at the cabin is straight snow melt. So, even in August, it's good for a quick dip but nothing too long. I have no idea what's up with my arm here but Palmer thought it was funny that we jumped off the dock.
Throwing rocks with Jaxon (8), Hudson (7), and Nash (6). Palmer was in heaven.


Jared said...

Sorry we missed you when were there in Portland. We wound up taking some family pictures right there by the fountain in downtown lake oswego. Both the boys wanted to run thru the water, but they were wearing their "picture clothes" and weren't very happy with us that we wouldn't let them...

Gina said...

What a fun month! We stayed in Rockaway Beach and LOVED it there. Oregon is so beautiful. Good luck with school! One year left WAHOO.

Hugh Family said...

You r so good at documenting events! I need to be more like that! I'm glad your family got one big :chillaxin'" vacation before the big MBA MADNESS starts. More than half way there! WE are so proud of you guys!