Hot Rod

This past weekend was not my favorite and has turned into my least favorite week of the summer. One redeeming thing happened this weekend--our good friends, Joel and Bonnie Andrews, were sealed to their adopted daughter, Katelyn, on Saturday. Other than that, the week has stunk for me. Saturday was my 30th birthday. No biggie. Not the best birthday ever but not bad. However, Palmer was sick and Portia didn't sleep well and was cranky. Plus, I was starting to get sick, too. By Saturday night, I had a full-blown fever of 103. Needless to say, Saturday wasn't fun either. Sunday, the kids were a little better but I was worse. My fever never stayed down for more than a few hours after taking Tylenol and I couldn't swallow because my throat hurt so bad. Monday, things still were not good, but the kids were pretty much recovered other than runny noses (which is my biggest pet peeve as a mom because they NEVER stop running). I finally decided to go to the doctor because I couldn't swallow and my fever never went down and I thought I might drown in sweat (sorry, TMI, I'm sure). So, I braved the doctor's office with my two kids in tow. It was an adventure. But, the best part--I have strep throat. That explains it. So I got my prescription of amoxicillin (I'm sure Elli can correct my spelling) and carefully drove home in my fever fog. The rest of that day was still bad and I had to change my clothes five times that night because my fever was trying to break and I was dripping in sweat every time I woke up (which was every hour or so). Yesterday (Tuesday) was better but still had body achiness, headache, and the throat still made swallowing very difficult. But no fever so I could function...barely. Today, so far, has been better but still a little achy and not fully satisfied with the throat functions. But I'm getting better every day. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, especially all you facebookers.

So, in my desperate attempt to be positive about the curves life throws me (and won't let me lose), here are the positives about this experience.

1. I can always rely on Ronell to help me through anything.
2. I lost 10 lbs. in four days--not eating anything but broth and water might do that, but I wouldn't recommend it long-term.
3. It's good to have family close. My MIL, Donna, came over and watched the kids on Monday afternoon, as well as folding the four loads of laundry that have sat on my couch since Saturday.
4. Sometimes it's good to take a little break and listen to your body. I should have done it earlier, instead of thinking I could do everything.

So, why did I title this post "Hot Rod"? Today, while my kids sleep, I'm watching this movie:

I'm in need of some laughs that don't involve my own life. The first time I saw this movie was with my sister, Sierra. At first I thought she was a dork for bringing over a lame movie to watch and then I saw the first scene. I thought I was going to pee my pants or stop breathing, I was laughing that hard. Most of the movie is stupid but there are a few scenes that always make me laugh. So if you haven't seen it, here's my random movie recommendation (think Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre type movie). Good times, especially after the seriously long weekend and the recovery from said weekend. If you want to borrow it, I just picked it up from Walmart for $2.00. Totally worth it.


Hugh Family said...

I was totally going to offer to watch your kids after Jole, Bonnie and Kaitlyns get together, but I thought you would have said no b/c palmer wasn't feeling well. I'm so sorry your birthday was a bust! And for your 30th?!

Sierra said...

I'm so sorry about your illness! But I am not sorry for introducing you to Hot Rod. You're welcome. Feel better!!!

Fowler family said...

Oh Briawna, that's rough to have strep and have to carry on as a mom! So sorry you were sick. Hopefully you are feeling much better. And Happy Belated Birthday!

We love funny, corny movies like that so we'll have to check Hot Rod out.

Cami said...

Hey there! I was on Bonnie's blog and noticed your name - well, more your husband's. So, thought I would take a peek at your life. Glad you are feeling better - one of the worst parts of being sick is not being able to work out.
And, happy birthday by the way. Was your day the same as the sealing? I hope you did something great - or someone did something great for you anyways. I will be 31this weekend. I was just getting used to being 30 and now I have to be IN my 30's. Not sure about that.
Anyway, I will definitely keep up with you here if you don't mind! Hope to see you next week - we are crazy busy getting ready to go out of town, but I try my hardest to never cut my workouts. Oh, and by the way, maybe you already know, but I found out last week that the other Amy is teaching the Monday morn SET class now. She is good, so we should go back.

Kelli said...

sorry to hear about your tough week. being sick with kids is the WORST! hope you're doing better.

*Alice Anne* said...

Hot Rod is like one of my most favorite movies of all time. Ha ha. Crazy that you picked it up for $2.