Daddy Camp

On Thursday, Bri left to go spend time with her family in Oregon and to meet our new little niece, Brizban. That left the kids to spend 4 days with dad and Bri hoping that she would come back with everything in one piece.

I've thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time with Palmer and Portia! They make me laugh and I learn a ton. I can't believe how fast they are growing. One thing I've realized is that spending quality time while your kids are young is extremely important.

Well, to add to a weekend with dad, I decided to venture out into nature with both kids to a little father son camp out. Portia was the only female presence there and I think she had a good time. (See picture below) The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they had a chance to explore several different tents before they settled down in there own little tent. They comfortably enjoyed Wall-E in the tent and then prepared for what was a cold night up Hobble Creek Canyon just of west of Springville, Utah.

I was pretty nervous for the kids since the weather dropped to 32 degree last night, but they were snug and warm in their little sleeping bags. We had a great time and I'm happy to report that I survived camping with my two kids by myself. (More pictures below. Enjoy!!)

Palmer chasing the boy playing football.

Portia laughing at the boys playing.

Tent inspection. Hmmm!

Settling down for the night...


Gina said...

How fun! Sam wishes he could have taken Max, but we had a family wedding. Looks like fun.

chase & miriam said...

Nice...sounds like you guys had a blast. I bet your glad to have Briawna back. :)

Sara said...

Your kids are beautiful! Good job being a dad
-Sara (Slagle)Susov

Hugh Family said...

You rock! Plamer and Portia are so lucky to have you as their dad!