We [heart] weddings

So in January, Jerome married Meagan Torgerson. It was nice and small but my little family still managed to create an inordinate amount of chaos. At least they weren't alone.
Portia is such a flirt. She spends most of her time trying to get attention from anyone who will listen to, talk to, or give food to her. This is a pretty typical expression of her's. Don't let that cuteness fool you. She is a true two-year-old. This is Portia and Isaac occupying themselves by dumping goldfish on the ground, crushing them, and trying to eat the pieces. Please tell me we're not the only parents who have children who eat anything and everything off the floor!

Welcome to the craziness that is the Hugh family! (Thanks Elli, for letting me steal your amazing photos).


KimberlyGanir said...

I can't tell you how many times Kenyon has picked up gum off the ground and chewed it!! You are not alone with the eating off the ground thing! At least you know where those fish were from!

Tami Madsen said...

I promise...your kids are NOT the only kids eating food off the floor. Didn't you know it just tastes better that way? hahaha

Abby said...

Can't get enough of your kids, they are just so dang cute! Hope all is going well--I hope to see you soon brother! :)

Hillary said...

Briawna, your family is flawless. Absolutely flawless. Love you guys and miss you. Xoxo!

Jana said...

better my kids eat off the floor than disturb me--food is some how more appealing when discovered off the ground, especailly when stuck to the ground and they have to do a little work to get off. oh yea!!

portia is a cutie--she can bother me all she wants for food with that sly not-so-innocent look.

Hugh Family said...

I can't wait for isaac to get out of this stage!...he'll put anything and everything in his mouth...today he has a shoe feddish...ummm so tasty!

portia is too funny! She knows how to make someone's heart melt!