Portia's 2....going on 16!

Portia's birthday was Tuesday the 24th. We had a friends party last Friday and it was lots of fun to see Portia interact with her friends. She was so cute. She couldn't believe the presents and birthday song were for her. She got lots of dolls, ponies, and dress up clothes for her birthday. She now sports a different princess outfit every day.Here are some photos of her birthday party. She was so shocked and pleasantly surprised when everyone sang her the birthday song.

Portia, working hard on her picture of Rocket. Her birthday party was a Little Einsteins Party.

Portia had lots of helpers to open her gifts. She was excited about the first gift and then just wanted to play with it (I think it was a "my Little Pony"). So her friends took turns helping her open presents. She was happy to share.
Portia had her 2 year check up today. She only had to get one shot and was a champ about it. It's good to know that someone in my family got the tall, skinny gene. She weighs 27.5 lbs (55%) and is 36 in. tall (85%).

I have many friends who do a little "tribute" to the birthday girl on their birthday, so in true Ainge fashion, here are my top ten things I love about Portia:

1. She's potty trained and is very proud of that.
2. She loves to share. No matter what she gets, she wants to share some with her friends and Palmer.
3. She has a great laugh. It's sometimes gravelly and sometimes a little high-pitched, but it always makes me smile.
4. She will flirt with anyone and everyone.
5. She loves to dress up and has developed a great imagination. She wanted to cook dinner yesterday and made me sit with her for some "soup". It was delicious.
6. She loves babies. Even at the childcare (kids club) at 24hour fitness, she spends more time taking care of the babies than playing with the kids her age. She even cleans up spit up.
7. She is polite...for a two year old. She always says please, thank you, you're welcome, and I'm sorry without being prompted to do so. She always asks, "OH, are you okay?" if someone gets hurt is stops whatever she's doing to help them.
8. She LOVES Palmer and hates being left out of anything he does. She still cries every time I drop him off at preschool.
9. She loves to dance and sing, usually by herself. She stares out the window and sings within about 30 seconds after we pull out of the carport.
10. She has the greatest expressions I've ever seen on a kid. You can always tell how Portia's feeling by her expressions and body language.

I'm so grateful Portia is a part of our family. I'm especially grateful she was so impatient to get here and came three weeks early after 15 minutes of labor. She's been a joy ever since. Happy Birthday, Princess Portia!


Jana said...

she is cute, and was totally cute at her party.

she will love to read her mommys favorite list one day--it was cute and sweet.

John and Chantalle Bishop said...

Aww!! We miss you guys. Another thing about Portia is she likes to make sure all the little kids are taken care of, I love that :) I have been dying to talk about Bachelor- who do you think?? And what's with the private taping after the show?? I'm sure you have some suspicions. By the time the show starts here, it ends for you guys! I have to wait soooo long!! I guess you guys watch it later at night, but it is on 8-10 Pacific time. It is SO nice here...we just needed to bring all our friends with us!

Hillary said...

That's pretty much a flawless little girl you have there Bri. Undeniably adorable.

Hugh Family said...

I can't imagine life with out such a sweet little girl. Isaac adores her! She's his favorite person to hug because portia will actually hug him back! We love you protia!

The Perkinsons said...

I cant believe she is 2! She is to die for!! Can I have her? ha ha! I hate how fast they grow up but it is so fun at the same time. We miss you guys and hope all is well! Talk to ya later!