Were You Inspired?

I will be the first to proudly state that I did not nor will I ever vote for Barack Obama. That said, I was inspired by his inaugural speech. I appreciate his ideas about remembering our forefathers. What I hope is that he will remember our forefathers, the Constitution they created, and the values they fought to preserve. As I've said before, I pray that he has a successful presidency, simply because I believe the American people can be better than we have been in 2008. I hope that he can create a better country for my children than where we are right now. I am hopeful and I believe that our country is still destined for great things.

If you didn't catch the speech, you can watch it here (I didn't see it until about an hour ago).


Summer said...

Hey, Sorella! I told you I'd come blog-stalking ;D

I feel the same way- agreed with your every word. Haven't seen the address yet, thanks for posting the link!

Nick and Lexie said...

Yeah, new president, blah blah blah. Put some freakin' pictures up of your kids!!!

Tami Madsen said...

He is our president...he needs our prayers.
That being said...what is with the wave?!?! hail Hitler

ps I love your blog Briawna...your kids are just beautiful. I'm so glad you have fun mom moments like the rest of us.