So, I was really good about taking lots of pictures (with lots of help from Ronell, Elli, and my sisters) this Christmas break. I was not so good about getting them all uploaded. Sometimes I think it's a pain to scroll down to see a gazillion photos (but I still do it because I love all your families), so I thought I'd cheat a little and just post the scrapbook page I made for Christmas break. Here, in one attempt, is our Christmas break. We had a blast with all the preparations for Christmas, sledding in the mountains of snow we got this year (I do believe this is the most it's snowed since I've lived here--and that's more than 10 years!), playing with family, going to Midway, and playing some more in the snow! So, here it is.


Crystal and Austin said...

Portia is getting so cute! Christmas looked fun for you all. Hope all is well in Utah.

Summer said...

Holy catz- I didn't know you were in Provo all this time! Crazy- we lived probably ten minutes from each other! What cute pics! You'r family is so adorable. Glad you had a good holiday!

Spanky and Family said...

Im impressed you already have your Christmas scrapbooked. It looks great! Glad y'all got the snow and not us.