I just wanted everyone to know that I did take lots of pictures of Christmas and all the holiday fun. They will be up soon, probably tonight. For now, I wanted to tell you about something that I'm trying this year that I'm hoping will force me to take more pictures and keep a better record of our lives. It's called project 365 and you take a picture every day. Read about it here. The original idea just has you taking pictures of random things in your life but I think I'm going to do it with pictures of my family and meaningful things in my life. I'm going plug them into a two-page digital scrapbook spread every week and I'll post those weekly (I will still post other things, too). In addition, one of my goals for this year (I don't like the word resolutions) is to write in my journal every day. I started doing it in November and I hope I can continue the habit. Most of my entries aren't very lonbg, just a paragraph or so. I'm hoping that I can make the time to record the memories of our family a little more thoroughly.


Emily said...

I can't even write through my tears... thank you for letting us know so we can keep them in our prayers. This little boy was perfect and knowing they will be able to be with him again will bring them peace and comfort. Those pictures are heart wrenching! Since having my own children, it seems this experience hits me harder and make me so grateful for my blessings, my health, my life, and my testimony. Thank you you guys... we will pray for them. Let us know if they need anything!

california smiths said...

That is such a fun idea about the pictures for 365 days. Thanks for the inspiration for the daily journal too. I always feel like I need to right a page, I should be happy to just write a paragraph everyday. I am so sorry for your loss also!