The Zoo

My mother-in-law, Donna, was in town for Dewayne and Elli's graduations and we thought we'd spend a day as a family at the zoo. We had quite the adventure. First, Palmer peed all over me and himself (which was rectified by spending almost 30 minutes under the hand dryer in the bathroom). Once that problem was solved, it was lunchtime. So, after lunch at "The Beastro", we were determined to see the whole zoo before the kids were maxed out. Our nephew, Isaac, slept 2/3 of the time. Palmer's favorites were the penguins and the leopard. The leopard was pacing in front of his cage and would stop and stare kids down. Portia got freaked out (and so did I, but only a little). My favorites were the babies. There was a baby giraffe (six months old) and twin baby monkeys. The monkeys were tiny golden monkeys and the babies could have fit in my hand. Overall, it was a success and the kids crashed before we even reached the freeway.

Most of the trip was fun, but clearly it was time to go!


Daniel and Carly said...

Bri- here is our blog: bigdlittlec.blogspot.com

I just thought I would let you know since I was doing my hourly checking of your blog!


the Kasallis family said...

hey!! we should go to the zoo. boston probably wouldn't care one way or the other, but i would! :) i love the zoo! i'm glad i have a child now to use as an excuse to go! :)