We Love.....DIRT!!

Because today was the first really nice day in about six months, I took the kids outside to blow bubbles. They were much more interested in the dirt. Here's Portia's first experience with mud. First, she had to investigate it.

Then she picked it up to see what happened.

Finally, she had to try it. At least we can honestly say that Portia's not afraid of getting dirty!

Then we have Palmer, who sat down in the dirt and didn't get up until we had to go in for lunch.


The Farrells said...

They are so cute. Don't you just love cleaning their messes.

Hugh Family said...

You've been tagged!!! Here are the instructions:
I've been Tagged!

each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names; then goes to their blog, leaves them a comment by letting them know that they've been tagged and invites them to read your blog.

I can't wait to read you blog.
Cute pics by the way!!

Emily said...

How cute!! They are getting so big, so fast!! Hey, we just started a blog and i don't have your email? Send it to me... mine is bairdfamily@mac.com. I want to send you an invite to our blog! I put your link on mine! I LOVE your blog! We need to get together and do some sewing and quilting... you are amazing! I need to learn!! - EMILY and JASON BAIRD

Courtney Vance said...

I love that Portia had to see what the mud tasted like as if it just might be chocolate. No such luck my dear, we could only hope.

John and Chantalle Bishop said...

The 'eating it' one is the best :)

Spanky and Family said...

you're kids are so dang cute! I love that Portia was all about getting dirty.