For My Family

Ronell dressed our children today. Nice color combo, babe! I thought this would be a great tribute to my mom. Her high school colors were yellow and brown. Clearly, she grew up in the 70's.

My little brother, Landon, is part of a hi-hop club at BYU--yes, there is such a thing. Here are few (bad) shots of his performance. For those of you who know Landon, this comes as no surprise. He's been dancing since he could walk.


california smiths said...

Very impressive dressing for a dad. Both kids look very presentable!

S&F Seminario said...

Hey guys! Glad to find you on here so we can better coordinate the births of all of our children so they can always have someone their age to marry.

Alexis said...

Hi Briawna, it's alexis from your building! glad to find your blog, it's good to catch up, since we live so far away and never have time to talk :). you can come check us out at lovethelesas.blogspot.com. see ya!