Well, I've been trying to find an excuse for my tardiness at posting Christmas pictures and then I just went through our Christmas pictures and I didn't take hardly any pictures! What a bad mom! So here are the two pictures of my kids with their presents. Portia enjoyed the bows more than the presents ( which was sad because she got tons of stuff from "Santa", Nona and Papa, not to mention all of her aunts, uncles, and cousins) and Palmer was totally into his new cars. After Christmas, my family went to Black Butte, OR and rented a cabin for three days. The boys were all adventurous and tried snowboarding--Paul (our resident expert) said that they all did well. Everyone else skiied and hung out. It was a very relaxing break. So relaxing that I forgot to take pictures to record it.

This is the cabin we stayed in. It was so fun to cuddle up by the fire at night and play games with family. This is Palmer playing in the snow. I stayed home with the kids in the morning while the guys went boarding and then we switched at lunch. I took Palmer out while Portia slept and he loved playing in the snow. He did not like sliding down the hill with me. "I fall", he said when I tried to get him to go.
This is Palmer admiring his new crocs with "Cars" tidbits in them. He kept trying to take the tidbits off to play with them.
Portia was more enthralled with the colorful bows on YaYa's (my aunt Sharyl) gifts.

Investigating the cars. Sadly, he could name all the cars in the pack.


The Lindsays said...

The cabin looks like fun...what a great way to spend the holidays! Palmer looks so cute in his big snowsuit.

Adam and Tawni said...

I love the snow pics, looks like so much fun!!

Oh yea, I tagged ya, check my blog for details!