I Have Four Kids

I'm sitting on the couch, cuddling with my kids while we watch a movie. Ronell is at a meeting. It just hit me (again) that we have four kids. With Thatcher asleep on my chest and the other three tangled up with me on the couch, I started thinking about raising these amazing kids. My first thought was, "Well, I just want to survive this last month of school and the summer with FOUR kids!" But then I started thinking about what I expect from and want for my kids to do/have/become. And I got a little scared and really overwhelmed. 

Between my expectations and the expectations of everyone in my kids' world, there is a lot expected of our kids. I think about teaching them to have high standards, be a good example, and preparing for their futures. And I realize that sometimes the best thing I can do for my kids to just cuddle them and enjoy the moments when they still prefer cuddling with me and with each other over the other craziness vying for their times. I could stress about screen time and healthy snacks and Portia's reading progress. But for now I choose to enjoy their squishy cheeks, sloppy kisses, and sweet innocence. And with four kids I have lots of squishy and sloppy! 
Three of the four. Number 3 had no desire to sit still and watch brother because, as she said, "he isn't doing anything!" 
Teya and Thatcher. She's already obsessed with holding and kissing him. He tolerates it. 

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Hillary said...

I read an article a couple weeks ago that said moms with four kids are less stressed than moms with three kids. They said at four you just let go because you realize you are outnumbered. You are an incredible mother with four beautiful kids. You're going to be just fine :)