Yesterday was Easter. I didn't post, well, because I decided to nap on the couch. But the kiddos had a fun weekend. We learned about how they do Easter in the South. (you have to watch this video, Palmer is pretty funny). 

The egg hunts were awesome. The kids had a good time. Festivities accomplished. 
The kids wore their clothes from Nonna. 

Church yesterday was a bittersweet time. We've had lots of conversations with our kids about death in the last six months. They get it. They understand that Holland, their cousin, lives with Heavenly Father right now. They still get confused when I cry while telling them how happy she is to be with Heavenly Father. So, they were confused when I was crying during church yesterday, especially when I told them I was mostly happy (the number of people in our house who understand my emotions is at zero right now). The emotional landslide continued in primary, where the kids were learning "I Feel My Savior's Love", one of the songs we sang at Holland's funeral. Not only did I have to play it about 30 times in a two-hour period, I had to do it through tears and fighting the desire to run somewhere dark and warm and safe.  

I found myself reflecting, yet again, on death, resurrection, and what exactly Jesus Christ has done for us. As I took the sacrament that symbolizes His sacrifice for me and my commitment to Him,  I thought about whether I really believe that He really did all He said He would. Did I believe that, because of His sacrifice and resurrection, my sister would see her child again? Did I believe that His grace is sufficient to save me and carry me through anything? Honestly, the words to the song above were the answer to my questions and confirmed, yet again, that I know that the Savior's sacrifice was real and that He has the power to do all the things He promised He would do. I don't have much in the way of profound, deep comments. But I believe simply that He has made all things possible. 

Below I've attached a video of my sister's choir singing with Alex Boye'. Watch it. It's probably the best song to describe the hope the atonement and resurrection give me. 


Unknown said...

I love you Bri. Thank you for posting this. Wish we lived closer.

thepalmierifamily said...

As a mother, I'm even more grateful that the atonement is there for my children and all that they will struggle with and to help them through all of their struggles. I wish I could take away their pain some times. I can't, but He can. I'm grateful that we could testify of Him together for that short period. Love you! Julie