i started writing this post with the title "catch up". then palmer walked in the room and said, "mom, that's not how you spell ketchup" and he proceeded to correct my spelling. He even said, "here, just let me do it for you". So, ketchup it is.

i've been MIA for awhile for lots of reasons. 1. the holidays. 'nough said. 2. january has been so beautiful and we've been spending lots of time outside, playing, jumping on the new trampoline, me finishing all the crafts & spray painting i've been putting off, etc. who wants to sit at a computer when it's nice? not i. 3. i've been trying to spend more time engaging with my kids, instead of pinning things (let's be pinterest friends), quilting, facebook chatting, etc.

but in my attempt to get back to writing the things down that matter, i feel the need to catch you up with our lives in AR.

christmas: it came, brought lots of presents and a beautiful church service, and left. we had lots of fun parties and treats to eat  share. i hosted my annual cookie exchange, managed to work out almost every day of the break, and took a break from everything but family. i really tried to not over commit us this christmas. we weren't able to join my family in oregon for christmas, which was a huge bummer. but i wanted to focus on our own family traditions and help our children focus on the Savior and true giving. i need to pull the pictures from facebook of the kids. if you're friends with us on facebook, the pics are all there. for now, i'm sure you can imagine the craziness of our three kiddos gleefully opening, complete with squealing and jumping.

new year's: it came, we slept, and it went. done.

okay, now that's done. i'm recommitting do be better about posting. i even got the blogger app to try blogging from my phone (where all the pictures are, anyway). in the meantime, hope your january was wonderful. here's to february and hoping our weather stays beautiful!

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