I'm a Farmer's Wife

blocks 1-5 by purplepoppydesigns
blocks 1-5, a photo by purplepoppydesigns on Flickr.
Wondering what I mean by a farmer's wife? No, it's not because i live in Arkansas (though I do see more cows daily than one ought to), but because I've joined the group. The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Flickr group, that is. I'm way behind the group, mostly because i finally got up the gumption to buy the book and use up some of my scrap stash to make these neat blocks. I'm doing bright colors because it's more my style. I've also decided to hand piece all 111 blocks. Crazy, maybe. Fun, Definitely! So, here are blocks 1-5.

P.S. Flickr loaded my photo all crazy. I promise I know how to take a pic of quilt blocks. And, yes, the basket one is upside down. I'm learning.


Hillary said...

One day, I will hire you to make me a quilt. Yours are the prettiest I've seen (that's including any winners from the state fair). You have a gift.

The Lovells said...

those are very pretty!

Rhandi said...

Seriously, amazing skills! Love it!