Sorry I've been out of touch recently. I've decided I'm not very good at juggling many activities and prioritizing. Also, my external hard drive that has most of my pictures on it is being weird and won't connect with my computer. But I'll give you what I got, people. So, here's a quick update:

1. Halloween: It happened. :-) We went to the ginormous Walmart home office trick or treat bash. We filled two reusable shopping bags (the big blue Wal-mart ones) and used this candy all weekend for parties and trick-or-treaters. I think there's still some lurking in cupboards. I'll post pics when I figure out my hard drive issue (grrr).

2. Thanksgiving: it, too happened. We had a few couples from work over. It was small, quiet, and perfect. But we had sooooooo much food. I went a little nuts. Ronell failed to take pictures of the table.

She was actually very helpful. 

I'll get back with more pics, I promise. Because as fun and witty as I am, I know you're really just here to see the kids. I don't blame ya, that's why I'm here. :-)

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