A Random cleaning tip

So, I love my new house. One thing I don't love are the giant mirrors in every bathroom. I don't love them for several reasons but namely that I have to look in them (no avoiding giant wall length mirrors) and that I have to clean them. No matter what product I used, they all left streaks. I don't love cleaning and having it look like I didn't clean is even worse. So I scoured the internet and found a possible solution. Mix equal parts cleaning solution (green works, windex, etc.) and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on surface and clean with newspaper....yes, I said newspaper. Works like a charm. The site said to dump out half the windex and just fill to the top with vinegar. Wasteful, wasteful people. I just poured the windex into a measuring bowl and then split it in half. Then I added vinegar to each bowl (in equal proportions to the windex, i.e. 4 c. windex+ 4 c. vinegar) and poured into two spray bottles. Now I have double the cleaning solution and only spent $3.00 for two bottles. They said to get old newspapers or buy a ream of newsprint. Um, no thanks. I went to the newspaper printing plant and asked for their end bolt of newsprint. They sold it to me for $5.00. It's roughly 200 ft. of newsprint. Voila! Streak-free cleaning. I was so excited I had to share.

P.S. The newsprint also works great for kids art projects and it's much cheaper than butcher paper. Because, let's be honest, I don't think I'm going to clean my mirrors often enough to warrant 200 ft. of newsprint lying around my house.


Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

I remember my grandma way back in the day (when I was too young to care about streak free windows) telling me about using newspaper. Thanks for the reminder and vinegar tip!

lacy said...

Doesn't it get your hands all black?

Nick and Lexie said...

Wow, talk about a devoted cleaner!