There's No Point, Really

So, I started writing individual posts to catch up on our summer so I'd have it for journaling purposes when I finally get around to printing my blog. Um, I gave up. So you get the post of lists.

List #1: The Move
After getting home from California, we spent the next two weeks getting rid of stuff and getting ready to move. The problem with that is that we weren't allowed to pack anything. So, we cleaned out some drawers, got rid of a few toys, and then played for two weeks. On June 18th (my sister's anniversary), the "packers", as I called them, came and in about six hours packed up our entire house. We spent the day getting ready to drive to Oregon and hanging out in Miriam's apartment next door (Thanks, Miriam). Here's what our house looked like after that day. Sorry if they're blurry.
Dining Room, where we stored half the boxes from our storage unit. 
Teya's room, where the other half of our storage unit was put. We have a lot of stuff. 
Master bedroom
Shower. The moving company (and some friends) gave us the advice to have a "Do Not Pack" place, where we could put the stuff we were taking with us. Our's was the shower. Luckily, we never use this shower. And yes, we fit all this in the trunk of the Accord. 
What do you do when all your toys are packed? Have a tape rolling contest down the hall. Whatever entertains them. 
This is what Teya did while they packed and moved us. 

On June 20th, we finished cleaning our place and headed out to Oregon for a visit while our stuff was sent to Arkansas. 

List #2: Oregon

We spent a lot of time in the water in Oregon. First, we went to a little park and played in this:

Then we went to this fountain another day:

And here's what Teya did while the other kids played in the water. She looks angry, she's just squished. 

After a few days of rain (it is Oregon), we headed to the newly remodeled cabin with everyone. 
Because there's no beach at the cabin, we loaded up on the dock. It was a little windy, so Teya and I didn't spend much time down there. But if you look closely, there are no men on this dock. Here's what they did:
They built a wood shed.

and played with bebe guns.
and here's what Teya did. 

After the Fourth of July Festivities (at which, I might add, we were attired in sweatshirts, pants, and blankets. It's July, people!), we spent one last day with my family and then flew to AR. World's. Longest. Flight. But the kids were good. 

List #3?(I lost count): Rogers, AR
Exactly one month ago, we moved into our new home. If you want to see pictures, they're on Ronell's facebook page. If you're not friend with Ronell, you might be the only person that isn't, but I'm sure he'll be nice and add you. 

Since moving in, we've:

*gone swimming in our subdivision pool
gone swimming in our subdivision pool
*spent a stupid amount of money getting stuff for the house (toilet brushes, shower curtain, broom, groceries, etc.)
*went to church
*gone swimming in our subdivision pool
*had dinner with friends
*registered Palmer for Kindergarten (Yikes! I'll post later about my feelings heading into this new experience)
*found a pediatrician. 
*gone swimming.
*hunted in vain for the camera battery charger (the only bad thing about someone else packing your stuff, it's in very random spots)

Before the camera died, here's what I got:

Not the most flattering picture but it was the only one that wasn't blurry.

And here's what Teya did while we swam. Actually, she swam and loved it but I couldn't watch the crazies, hold Teya, and take pictures. I'm good, but not that good. 

So that's July.

Now that we've been here exactly one month, I thought I'd share two last lists. Glean what you will from it. 

List #4: What I Miss About Utah
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Mountains (you don't realize they're there half the time but it was a little unnerving to drive around Rogers without that buffer)
4. Temples (OK. City is 3 hours away)
5. Everyone had kids so my crazy children were usually ignored.
6.  Airport (Tulsa is 2 hours away)
7. BYU (mostly the sports but I guess the school, too. I guess)
8. Distribution Center (I know, I'm weird)
9. Cafe Rio
10. City Life (I know SLC isn't the most cosmopolitan city in the US but it's better than nothing)

List #5: Things I LOVE about NW Arkansas 
1. Southern Hospitality (everything you've heard is so true, random people say hi to you everywhere)
2. New friends
3. Our HOUSE!!! 
4. It's so lush and green here. My kids loved all the fields with cows, horses, ducks, etc. And there are lots of them. 
5. It's family friendly. Everyone has kids (most families have two) and most things are catered toward children.
6. It's conservative and very religious. I've counted no less that 13 different churches in a three-mile drive. One of the first questions we got asked when we moved here was, "Hey have y'all found a church yet?" 
7. The Hike and bike trails. We've decided we're going to be an outdoor family because, well, we now live in the "Natural State". 
8. Schools. With 20 kids per class (as opposed to my 37) and the morning Pledge of Allegiance (which most schools have done away with), I love the schools. It helps that the school districts here are ranked 32nd in the country (that's out of how many thousands of school districts nationwide). 
9. Income. Yes, it's nice to have an income. 
10. Humidity. I know, I'm weird. But I love feeling like I'm wrapped in a nice, warm hug every time I leave the house. I will admit, though, that the hug gets a little stifling after about five minutes but that why I also love the AC and fan in every room in our house. 

Well, that's it for now. If you made it this far, you deserve a special treat. Here's what Teya does best. Don't you love the way she sleeps?


Chantalle Bishop said...

Love it. I can't even remember what all I was thinking during this post cause it was so long :) Fun to get to have people move you! That would be fun to experience one day. Love your house, I saw all the pics and it is so pretty and so fun to spread out! I loved seeing the pics of your Provo condo. Awww. It is so nice people have two kids! A lot around here either have one Zach's age or one Elizabeth's age (or younger).
Miss you guys and glad you are having fun! It would be fun to be more of an outdoor family...we have lots of trails and all of that near us and need to take advantage of it. Post about outdoor stuff :)

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Funny a lot of what you love about AK is what we loved about Iowa, green fields, nice people, schools, churches, family oriented community etc! So glad you guys love it there. Seriously the house looks AMAZING. You've spent your time in the condo, it's about time! Do you just love all the space? How fun to have a pool as well. That's the one thing our neighborhood is missing. Can you believe kindergarten? Can't wait to see your post on that one! I wonder how far you guys are from us. Maybe someday we can all catch up at Bybees's when they make it back to TX.

Gina said...

Such a fun post to read! I'm glad you're loving AR! We're only 6 hours from each other. Maybe we could visit sometime!

the Kasallis family said...

i love that you have a glee song on your blog and that i didn't even need to look when it started playing to know that it is rachel and kurt singing.

LOVE this post! miss you guys a lot. hope you're loving arkansas. i loved living in the midwest. there isn't a nicer people anywhere! we miss you out here, but love to see what you're up to.