I Have a Kindergartener!!

Though it's hard to believe I have a child old enough to be in school. I'm so glad Palmer gets to go to school. On Thursday, Portia, Teya and I walked him into his classroom, snapped a few pics, and kissed him goodbye. Surprisingly enough, I didn't cry. I thought I'd lose it, so I parked near the exit. I think I was more nervous than he was. He put his backpack in his cubby, sat down at his table, and started playing with the blocks. He even asked the girl sitting at his table her name, told her his name, and started chatting about school. He doesn't usually do that, so it put my mind at ease a little. I did find myself checking the time throughout the day and thinking about what he might be doing. That day went by so slowly, I felt like I was counting down the seconds until he got off the bus (yes I let him ride the bus home on the first day. I kind of freaked out at the though my of baby on the bus, though). Palmer's report on his first day of school went a little like this:

Mom: (hugging Palmer) How was your first day?!
Palmer: Good.
Mom: What did you do?
Palmer:  Played outside twice and ate my lunch. Mom, guess what? (pointing to the bus as it drives away). That's my bus. Do I get to ride it every day?
Mom: If you want to.
Palmer: Oh, good. I like the bus, but it's a little sweaty on there. I'm thirsty.

So, highlights from school were recess, lunch, and the bus ride home. I don't think school's changed all that much. He loves his teacher already and was very disappointed that he didn't get to go to school today. Two days down, thousands more to go. Woohoo!

Palmer outside our house before leaving for school.
Palmer and Miss Glover (note the Arkansas Razorbacks poster in the background. Gotta love those hogs!)


Amy Eaton said...

Go Plamer! Seth starts school tomorrow and he can not wait.

Ronell Hugh said...

That's my little man stepping into the big leagues by attending kindergarten. My favorite part is that when you ask him about school, all he mentions his play time.