Four Months

Today is Teya's four month birthday. I haven't documented that many milestones in this little one's life. It's been a busy four months. She hasn't been to her check up yet so I'll update with those stats. But, as far as I can tell she's growing in length a lot and a little in weight. She weighs roughly 13 lbs. and is 24 in, on the average side. Everyone thinks she's bigger because she's got the cheeks and chubby thighs. But we'll see what the real stats are next week.

Teya has been such a joy to have in our family. She is a pretty calm baby, except when she sees her favorite things: kids, water, and my nursing cover. Ha! We tried out rice cereal this past week and after the second time, she got the hang of it and loved it. You could tell she thought she was a big girl, eating her big kid cereal with the kids. 

She's easily entertained and LOVES to watch her siblings run around. She loves to be a part of anything they're doing.
 She is getting more mobile, though not quite rolling. She'll kind of fall from her tummy to her back and the look on her face is priceless. She is startled every time.
The only concerning part of about Teya's rolling skills is that she only seems to be able to roll back to front in her crib. More often than not, this is how I find her. It's a little scary but she's got amazing head and neck control and I love that squished face look.

One of Teya's favorite things is water. She loves the bath and the pool. She figured out how to splash with her feet and any time she's in water, she happily splashes away. One of my favorite times is after her bath at night. It's just Teya and Ronell and I. She's s happy and calm and content. It's contagious. Plus, who doesn't love to snuggle with the freshly washed baby.
I love cuddling with this one. She's starting to laugh and interact more, which is so fun to watch. She is starting to discover toys, especially if she can get them in her mouth. I'll lay her on a blanket with a bunch of toys and somehow she scoots her legs in a circle and ends up closer to the toy she wants. I'm so excited for the age when she can sit but not move. However, if she's anything like Portia, that won't last long.

We're still working on sleeping through the night. She was doing 10-4 and then going back to bed until 7. We've had a few hard nights recently (still working on the cause), but she still wakes up every morning, happy and sucking on her hands.

I'm so grateful to have this calming child in our home. She makes everyone happy just to be around her.


Mesia said...

Briawna, I love your post! She is so beautiful...and I love her eyes!

Fowler family said...

She's so adorable. That 2nd picture- she totally looks like you Briawna!

And it looks like she's really enjoying that rice cereal.

Are you ready for school start? So weird to think we have Kindergartners!!!

Cami said...

Oh, that hair! I love it. Everything sounds familiar with this post - but it reminds me that I need to take more pictures of my baby. I have been horrible this time around. Ooops!
Hope all is well with you guys.